Web Design

Whether you're needing a web site for your company, some help with a personal site, or assistance with just a piece of your puzzle, 11:11 Design can help!

  • Do you need a database  or
    e-commerce on your site?
    11:11 Design has the knowledge and skills to suit the flavor of your site and your company's image.

  • Do you simply need some graphics for your site? 
    You'll be amazed how easily your overall website theme can be matched and tied in together by navigational graphics.

  • Have an idea, but not sure if it will work?  
    Chances are, no matter how wild you think you're idea is, 11:11 Design can find a way to make it work!

  • Think that what you want has already been done? 
    Think again!  11:11 Design can come up with unlimited ideas to teach old dogs new tricks and make your project the new standard for others like it. 

Services & Fees

The fees below are for creative design and implementation services only.  Domain name fees along with web hosting fees are not included.  But we can certainly help you save money in these areas as well.  Please contact us to discuss your website needs.

Simple web site - $250.00

Up to 5 web pages, including graphics, contact form.  Strictly html coding with some java scripting for pizzazz. 

Complex web site - $500.00 to $1000.00 & up

No real limit to the numbers of pages and/or graphics.  This type of site is for small to medium sized businesses with much information to give to consumers and needs for interactivity with these consumers.

E-Commerce - $500.00 to $1000.00 & up

Many small businesses need to offer  the ease and convenience of internet shopping as either a stand alone internet storefront or in combination with their corporate website.  Fees here vary on number of products and specific requirements for shipping, tracking, ordering, etc.  All shopping carts are built with either an Access database or MySql and pages coded in ASP are used to call the product information and power the cart.

Custom built solutions - $your.budget

If you'd like us to sit down with you and discuss your particular website needs, please contact us today for a bid today!

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