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Referal: My generous friend Rakul just donated an impressive upgrade to one of my machines enabling "light speed" quality, and he also saved my other machine from a total re-install of the OS a while ago (the Chaotic Resonance station itself) through some detailed effort over 12 hours. I hate today's technology and all it's constant issues, and yet somehow Rakul can tolerate it and rather enjoys walking circles around much of it. Rakul is capable of handling many issues and has more than one solution to most situations as well as many resources to draw upon, so just ask him and see what he suggests as options.

I highly recommend Rakul for all your general computer repair needs if you are in this part of the world, but he can also do remote assistance (helps your machine directly while you are on the phone at the same time if you prefer).

If you find yourself stuck, contact Rakul through the email link on this page (above) and discuss a trade or payment deal with him - He's very reasonable and friendly and I've known him for many years.

"DJ Reptoid" from ChaoticResonance.com
April 12 2017.