FetLife SUX
FetLife BANS VICTIMS of THEIR ABUSE! - Lawsuit considered!
Police investigation already under way! (CrimeStoppers File # 407-340-63)

UPDATES and public files shared from PUBLIC postings sent through the FetLife.com server by defendents against cyber-bullies and FetLife.com abuse victims. Share your story here as well and keep this a PUBLIC matter. VISA has already abandoned having anything to do with FetLife.com due to the way John Baku (FetLife.com owner situated in Vancouver BC Canada) runs things ALLOWING HUMAN LIVES TO BE DAMAGED and HARM to come to innicent victims!

Anti-Pagan attacks continue through the FetLife.com server. Human Rights states "Freedom of religion". Pagans are already protected by law. Will they respond with additional legal action as well?

If ANYONE you know has been a victim of ANY type of hate crime, abuse, attack, stalking, trolling, verbal assault, lost family members, a job, a career, friends, or ANYTHING ELSE related to the people of FetLife.com and ANY of its services, CALL CRIMESTOPPERS AT 1-800-222-8477 and ask to add data to File # 407-340-63. Also communicate with Reverend Purple Crow and share your story and assistance with him and everyone else who you think can help put an end to websites that harbour abusive people. Thank-you for defending YOURSELF against CYBER-BULLYING!


Updates begin right after the victim of harassment from FetLife.com was 'banned' for defending himself against 35 or more attackers for no reason on his own private page and private groups. British Columbia Personals and Vancouver British Columbia Personals, which were problem free for many months after past attack from other cyber-attackers in the past. It is an ongoing random cycle of events that FetLife.com staff refuse to properly clean up and manage. Rather than eliminating these accounts from stalking and harassing people IN REAL LIFE AS WELL AS THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE, FetLife.com PERMITS ENTIRE GROUPS TO BE CREATED RUN BY KNOWN ATTACKERS (Because FetLife.com staff think it's 'funny'). These ATTACK GROUPS are NEVER DEALT WITH or even CHALLENGED by FetLife.com staff! Advertisers on FetLife.com BEWARE!!!




This is just pathetic. Attacking Reptoid like this? He's done nothing wrong! HE isn't not the one going around attacking people for no reason other than the fact that they disagree with what someone says. Or for "entertainment", whatever it is you're doing. Although his words can be harsh and stern at times, Reptoid always speaks the truth. He is the most honorable Dom I've ever met.

I'm not here to attack anyone, though...so I will move this conversation back on-topic...

I, personally, don't think I like Free Speech. Anyone, anywhere, can say anything regardless of who it hurts? Oh Phil Robertson, you're a prime example. Gay-bashing across the airwaves, and yet "all is perfectly fine! It's a free country!". Really? So you allow people to be racist bigots simply because "Hey, he has rights"? Let me tell you, people also have what is called "self control", and "logic". If I say (X), (Y) will happen. You say "faggots are as bad as beastiality", and people get upset.

Here's an idea. Keep your bigoted ideas to your self, LOGIC says that if you say something stupid, you're going to get what's coming. Learn some self-control. Express your opinions, sure...sure...but who does that hurt in the process?

Reptoid is RIGHT, the trolls and bullies do need to be removed, but arguing about it like this will get us nowhere. ACTION. That will cause change, not sitting on our thumbs, pointing fingers at the people who have the balls to open their mouths and try to speak up for those of us who either can't or won't. We're fighting for you, people. We're trying to change the world. We don't expect thanks, we know that no one will give thanks to the people who fight, but we fight anyway for CHANGE.

I, for one, have in fact voted for this. Keep this up, our voices may be small but if we all shout at the same time, no one will be unable to hear us.


Reptoid: Thank-you for defending The Canadian Charter of Human Rights against FetLife Cyber-attackers.

Reply from "Anon" (Name on file). Penticton, British Columbia:

:-) You're welcome.

I have a couple women friends who have been stalked on here and now can't have accounts because these asshats keep finding them.

Also, I was being stalked on here by a local guy. Fortunately for me, I told everyone about it and asked them to help protect me. They 'tuned' this guy up in person, and I didn't have any more trouble from him.

But I realize not everyone is lucky enough to be able to have this same kind of resolution to this scenario.

Best of luck.


FetLife.com Cyber-Bully James Bronson on Twitter makes another public attack against this victim of FetLife.com's abuse.


Not only that, but this comes from a FetLife.com user who attends BDSM clubs where they dress up in military and police uniforms as part of their 'fetish'. This is how you spot a hypocrite and cyber-bully! They accuse you of false things they they themselves are actually doing! And yes, I'm keeping my photo of Joker from The Black Knight whether you destroy all my friend's accounts on your server or not.




@IAMDUMPLYN / @dunderklumpen and all other cyber-stalkers and attackers from FetLife.com: Why did you respond to my ad if you didn't want anything to do with me in the first place? Why did you create a group just to harass me and openly encourage other to attack me if you were trying to avoid me? Typical internet stalkers talking double talk, as usual. Anyone can join FetLife.com for FREE and see for themselves exactly this very evidence and millions of other similar attacks all over that FOUL CORRUPT website.


Koi Fisher from Maryland says "Reptoid is RIGHT..." - Then has his account BANNED for defending me. FetLife's 'reason'? "You're the same person." What? Yes, that's exactly how paranoid and effective FetLife staff are. Two different IP addresses from completely different parts of the world with real life facial images and independent contact information in their profiles, but PARANOID cyber-bully FetLife 'supprt' staff BAN HIM anyway, just for standing up against internet cyber-attack bullies and the websites they use to harm others in real life.


Stop Web Bullying has THIS to say about the kinds of activites that transpire on FetLife.com and everywhere else on the internet:


More updates can be shared at the following websites:
And of course right here!


Reverend Purple Crow (ULC) is an Ordained Pagan Minister, alternative community developer and leader as well as an alternative fuel business developer of which he is president. He is a former paranormal investigator (25 years) and continues his freelance investigative journalist networking (private global network).

Please keep your e-mails brief yet detailed for initial contact and await a reply. Including a telelphone number and best days and times to call you are most helpful. Thank-you. Any absusive comunications are saved and reported to the police.