Jody, I did EVERYTHING for you, and everyone knows this! I can't believe you'd be so cruel to vanish suddenly and abandon EVERYTHING knowing what it'd do to me! I just want things back the way they were before September 13th... only you'd answer my questions HONESTLY and GET HELP instead of plotting horrors behind my back.

Do NOT contact Jody Stibbs for any reason between October 2nd 2015 and October 2nd 2016! This is a legal statement.

Eight different people who work with Wikileaks now know about my lack of legal defense in western Canada (Legal Aid).

Alex Jones staff members are also aware of this and other situations.

Other global journalists are also aware of these events as they are all true and witnessed and lie-detectors can be passed by both Rene and myself.

CBC Vancouver Canada is also aware of these details now.

Canadian Senator Anne Cools also knows about this situation now. "Canadian Senator Anne Cools’ ongoing battle against gender feminism."
Ref: http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/feminist-governance-feminism/canadian-senator-anne-cools-ongoing-battle-against-gender-feminism/

15 personal friends and witnesses across the globe have a copy of all the emails and chat logs between Jody Stibbs and Purple Crow, including the chat log between Lisa-Marie Ouellet and Purple Crow. Printed they total about 25 pages of important evidence that prove my honour and words are 100% correct as legally witnessed by Rene Clarke who was present for the last 2 years with Jody Stibbs and for the last 5 years with Purple Crow personally. If anything negative should happen to me or if these FALSE CHARGES are not REMOVED from further attack to my person, these 15 witnesses have the freedom to do whatever they wish with the evidence as it will be beyond my control at that point. This is the same methods Wikileaks uses to assure protection of whistleblowers against a CORRUPT SYSTEM (and it's ABUSERS). If you do not remember what you admitted to in your emails and chats transmitted over the public internet to me (including your past admitted issues), then you better check your own copies before a judge gets to read every word after using national security measures (CSE / CSIS / NSA) to obtain every byte of data from the last 7 years that emanated from my personal account (with my blessing) to prove my honour and words are 100% true. This means that any other data you transmitted or received (between Jody and Lisa specifically) will also be presented to a public court judge and may be discussed by the main-stream media.

The truth is the truth and lie-detection is real. Everyone can be tested for truth and the general public no longer trusts the 'official story' of anything anymore and will dig and keep on digging once they are aware of any matter as its popularity grows due to further attacks against us. Legal Aid should be protecting me from abuse, they are not, now the media knows the facts, and the world watches truth unfold and have their own copies of this data beyond my control. Whatever happens to us, you all saw this unfold and it's on permanent record in your personal ISP servers for the next seven years by NATIONAL SECURITY LAWS, including any past 'chats' that emanated from my home address regarding this matters before we were attacked.

"Legal Aid" (both in BC and Alberta) have FAILED to do anything at all "due to cutbacks" and "because you don't live in Alberta". Why continue funding them if they DON'T WORK?!

"Access Probono BC" has FAILED to even set an appointment with me because they can't wrap their heads around the simplicity of my situation or decide 'where' this legal matter is 'taking place' and they have ZERO capabilities to deal with a PWD. Why continue funding them if they DON'T WORK either?!

Any man who has nothing left to lose is the most powerful of men - only fools would force him into these circumstances.

The Court of Queen's Bench Calgary Alberta now has copies of all pertinent documents regarding false claims against me including defense witness testimony by Rene Clarke and past emails and chats where assorted negative (self harm and intent to harm others) admissions are made by LMO and JS. The courts were also told that Calgary Police have this same data for their permanent records as well and have my blessing to obtain all ISP data for the last 2 years regarding Jody, Lisa and myself from my ISP for verification. No one can stand up to the truth when they are a negative being with something to hide or an evil personal agenda. Good luck spinning more lies now, girls. (Image evidence at bottom of this page)

Legal court questions and witness testimony of Rene Clarke in defense of Purple Crow against Jody Stibbs and Lisa-Marie Ouellet.

ATTENTION Vancouver Police, RCMP, and Calgary Police departments! Add some FACTS to your 'check files' for once rather than lame internal conspiracy theories and ONE-SIDED FALSE ACCUSATIONS by SYSTEM ABUSERS!

SIGNED DOCUMENT made public and shared with lawyers and support groups and copies kept by front door of our shared residence. We are the only two people who can pass a lie-detection test when asked of us. We are both denied legal defense and a chance to defend our honour as men. Here's our legal testimony in our honour, ready for legitimate lie-detection testing (unlike Jody and Lisa who will FAIL the same testing):

Note: Purple Crow and Rene Clarke are the only two people who can pass a lie-detection process when tested.


Legal court questions and witness testimony, Purple Crow, Jody Stibbs, Rene Clarke (witness).
From: necro underscore fire at live dot ca
To: purplecrow at live dot com
Subject: RE: Legal court questions and witness testimony, Purple Crow, Jody Stibbs, Rene Clarke (witness).
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2015 18:58:17 -0700

If any of my select friends, family or professional associates (BCC of this email) wish to advise me on the details of these, my questions, feel free to share with me.

Rene Clarke,

I'm going to ask you some questions that I want your honest answers on regarding the persons involved regarding their characters and details about the late night / early morning of September 12th to 13th 2015. Please create your own spaces for your written answers below each question however you deem best so that it can be easily printed for any court to read.

Describe your thoughts on Jody Stibb's claims on the document (Alberta Emergency Family Protection Order issued by police on September 23rd 2015, to me, Purple Crow) regarding their accuracy based on what you witnessed on the very late night / very early morning of September 12th to 13th 2015.

• Almost completely fabricated and hyperbole.

How have you described your sleep pattern to me in the past and does this still apply presently? Such as a light sleeper, heavy sleeper, something else?

• I typically sleep between 11 pm to 7 am or 12am to 8 am. Usually a light sleeper depending on the situation.

What time were you woken up and under what circumstances?

• Around 5 am by the knocking of the police at the door checking on Jody.

Did you hear any sounds at all before that time?

• None at all, it was a typical night.

Earlier that day, the 12th of September, how would you describe my (Purple Crow's) routine and attitude in general? Was there anything different or unusual, out of the ordinary at all compared to any other typical day while living with him in the last 5 years? (4 at the current location).

• Nothing out of the ordinary, just the typical daily routine.

During the last two years while Jody Stibbs was living with us in our home together, did you ever hear any arguing or fighting at all? If so, how would you describe how things were managed?

• None at all.

During your many years living with me (Purple Crow) have you ever seen me threaten anyone with physical harm? How would you describe my nature as a man? What about my reputation as a man of honour in keeping my word to others? If you were to ever recommend me (Purple Crow) to someone for, say, an occupation, or as a personal social reference, how would you describe me? Regarding my written published journlalistic reports on many topics over the 5 plus years you've known me (Purple Crow), how would you describe my character and honour and quality of balanced educational reports? Are you aware of any of my (Purple Crow) essays regarding the BDSM lifestyle that date back as far as 2002 such as the "Lifestylers Vs Kinsters" published and often referenced material? What are your thoughts regarding my (Purple Crow) awareness and capability to balance and properly maintain such a type of relationship?

• I have not seen any threats. Fairly laid back but capable of seriousness and focus. You've kept ever promise I have known you to make. I'm aware of the essays. You have definitely appeared to be capable.

How would you describe the actions of Jody Stibbs on the last night she was here in the house with us?

• Until being woken up at 5 am I don't remember how she was behaving, but after being woken up and becoming aware of the situation she seemed to mostly be acting like normal, but seemed a bit, I guess overwhelmed could fit.

How would you describe the personality of Jody Stibbs in general over the two years she lives with us both?

• Fairly typical, ranging from stressed when dealing with her ex employer to happy-go-lucky other times, often while working on art.

How would you describe the actions of Lisa-Marie Ouellet who had the police wake you up at 5:30 AM and raid our peaceful home on September 13th 2015?

• They seem to be pretty manipulative/controlling given the reason given by Jody for Lisa-Marie's having called the police, that Jody wasn't responding to instant messages fast enough.

And your thoughts on the second raid by the police at about 7:30 AM or so regarding Lisa-Marie Ouellet's actions against our peaceful home on September 13th 2015?

• Seemed just as childish.

Is it true that I (Purple Crow) covered all of Jody Stibb's living expenses while she lived with us, such as her share of the rent for my room which she slept in with me and her food supply and all the shared bills for same? Is my portion of the rent for this period $475 dollars monthly? And the bills average about $120 per month also? And would you say that food for Jody cost me (Purple Crow) about at least $8 to $10 per day? And this was all covered by myself (Purple Crow) except for a couple months where Jody Stibbs had part time temporary low income? Did I also purchase for Jody Stibbs, a digital sketch pad so she could continue her pleasures as an artist on the internet? Did I also spend over $150 in shipping plus the cost of 45 DVDs and the printing upon thereof to send a box of rare music from my own personal collection to a friend of Jody Stibb's ("Signathrax", Michal Popielewski) in Poland in good faith as they are very close friends? Did I also support Jody Stibbs spending over $250 on a new hair style rather than support me with rent, food, bills and other such debts as a kindness toward her preferred new appearance to others?

• Yes, all costs were covered by Purple throughout the majority of the time, and only wasn't the case when Jody had income for a short period. You did support the hairstyle Jody had gotten.

Is it true that my (Purple Crow) income is and was primarily medical disability from the Province of British Columbia at about $900 monthly? During this time while Jody Stibbs was living with us, did I ever tell you that I needed to increase my income by gaining additional outside work just to keep supporting Jody as she remained unemployed for the most part during her stay here? And did I get in trouble with 'welfare' (disability income) for earning too much additional outside income while supporting Jody's food, rent, bills and other expenses and now owe them over $7000 which is now being deducted from my disability cheques as punishment for having to support Jody Stibbs? So on top of the rent, bills, food, gifts and other expenses that Jody Stibbs cost me (Purple Crow) there's also the government debt of $7000, is this correct? Whether this additional income was declared correctly or not, the laws were currently in transition at the time for the year of 2014-2015, but how would you describe my (Purple Crow) motivations in wanting to keep as much funds available as possible to support Jody Stibbs, generally speaking?

• Yes, Purple i a disability recipient. Yes it was mentioned that your income needed to increase. Yes, Purple was penalized for making more additional earnings that the exemption cap.

Did Jody Stibbs ever talk to you about her skills as a Black Belt in karate? Did she tell you about what she did to a man who was following her home only a few months before her departure while his friend pointed and laughed? Do you think I (Purple Crow) would even be a threat to anyone who has a black belt in karate if they truly felt I was a danger to them?

• Yes, she had even mentioned her having trained with martial arts weapons. No, she never told me that story personally. No, anyone with a black belt should have the capability of fending off even a stronger unarmed person, even armed depending on the martial art style.

Do you feel it's possible that the true motivations of Jody Stibbs in this "Protection Order" are not just to get on with her life, but to assure herself, perhaps under the direction of Lisa-Marie Ouellet, that she doesn't have to ever pay me (Purple Crow) back the large sum of money owed to me (that she agreed to pay back in the email that you have on file and witnessed on the day of her departure) as an EQUAL partner in our past two years long partnership? Do you feel it's fair to have my (Purple Crow) money for all my past efforts to support Jody Stibbs returned to me considering the manner to which she departed our home and her false statements against me in her report to a judge?

• I have a feeling Jody was coaxed or coached into what went into the order. I do think some arrangement being setup would be equitable.

Is there anything else that you feel is important that I might be missing or forgetting that you'd like to add to your witness testimony in my defense?

Thank-you, Rene.

Purple Crow.

Will Judge Steven Lipton or any other "Queen's bench" judge in Calgary Alberta on October 2nd 2015 (or any other day) see our legal right to defend ourselves in court with WITNESS testimony? Legal Aid BC says "no", the government won't let you because they cut back our funding, and Alberta Legal Aid says "no", we're not 'allowed' to help you because you don't live here. And how far would we both have to walk to Calgary Alberta from Vancouver BC since we cannot afford bus fare AND hotel expenses? 970 Kilometers BOTH ways!

Obviously neither Rene nor myself got to defend ourselves from false charges, and so the false claims made by Jody Stibbs went through. (Updated this line today, Oct 11 2015)

Only RICH men are 'permitted' legal defense of their HONOUR in Canada, especially when verbally slanderous and liable women attack them using a BROKEN system. We have no rights, men! Something WILL be done about this with your support! CONTACT US NOW WITH YOUR SUPPORT!

Do NOT contact Jody Stibbs for any reason between October 2nd 2015 and October 2nd 2016! This is a legal statement.

Update: October 11 2015

Days before my girl's SUDDEN RANDOM self-extraction while under the influence of LMO, this is what she was telling the WORLD through one of her art forums:


Latest Journal
Draft Horse Rescue Needs a Logo! CONTEST!
on 2 August 2015 at 18:03:22 MDT

Me and my Husband are starting a draft horse rescue here in western Canada. We are at the finalization stages of getting everything legalized and getting a website up to get a fundraising event going. However we still haven't decided on a logo and theme colors.

here's where you come in :)

We need a logo and 2-3 theme colors for our rescue ranch.

Our name: Holding Star Stables

Slogan: Why wish upon a star when you can hold it and make that wish real!

We are specializing in draft horses and draft crosses, we rehabilitate them and when and if they become fit for adoption we adopt them to their new forever homes :) We will also offer lessons and trail rides for those who wish to adopt but need a little boost to help them out in picking the right partner for them.

I'm not sure how long we will leave this contest open but it will be posted in multiple places and websites. I will be posting the entries here :)

The winner get their name, picture as well as website linked on our website in our sponsors and volunteers page permanently as our logo designer :3 Plus you will be getting a full rendered commission from me :3


Now does that make sense to you for someone after 2 years of marriage to state the above publicly then to SUDDENLY RUN AWAY to go meet a stranger on the internet whom she's never met before in her life??? (She only knew LMP as an 'internet friend').

See what she did to me??? So many plans, so many times she said "I'm fine with everything we do and are together."... and then, suddenly, WITHOUT WARNING OR NOTICE, she leaves me and her new internet 'date' SWATS me with cops, twice, and then a few days later has the corrupt legal system block us both FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!

Can you possibly understand my pain? Could you EVER?! She basically DIED in my arms without warning! I lost her, she's GONE, and she basically KILLED ME, now I'm gone too, in a big way. She killed both of us and our relationship, and no this is NOT getting 'better' or 'easier' for me!!! It's not changing in its extreme intensity at all!!!

October 8th 2015 - 3:13 PM

Jody Stibbs caught necking with married man by his wife, I was only just told today by the wife after running into her while shopping.

I just spoke with Susie, my friend who recently lost her husband, Martial. She made an astounding admittance to me before two personal friends who are both my witness to these words. They are Rakul and Sarah.

Susie told all of us that she caught my ex girlfriend, Jody/Skie 'necking... in a way I used to call 'playing tonsil hockey'' (her words) with Martial a few weeks before Martial's death, but she assumed Jody and I had an 'open relationship' because nothing was said about it since. The only reason she didn't bring it up other than that was Martial had a habit of doing such things to upset Susie and she decided not to react even though she wanted to. She said she didn't want to give in to his games, which he played every so often, and she forgave him because he was a broken man.

All this news is a total shock to me because Jody/Skie knew that if she ever wanted to do anything even remotely like that she'd have to bring them into my home and we'd discuss things before hand so I at least knew about them so they would not be a shock later, like they are right now. It does not matter if I 'might say yes or no', the relationship involved DISCUSSION of all desires and life plans as a family.

Susie is now rather upset that she didn't tell me sooner considering what I just told her about Jody's SUDDEN random departure from my life and the manner to which she chose.

All witnesses, myself, Rakul, Sarah and Susie are all willing to testify to these facts in court.

The sense of betrayal is BEYOND BELIEF! "Eyes wide shut" my friends... what women are like when our backs are turned.

All this data is to be added to my case against Jody Stibbs and LMO for mental and emotional abuse of a PWD.

Small claims court. I am offering an additional $20 return on your donation of $160 for small claims court filing fees to regain my $12,300 plus $140 USD from a certain abusive female upon success of our court case (once I have the first or second payment in hand). http://www.bclaws.ca/EPLibraries/bclaws_new/document/ID/freeside/261_93_05b
I will be self-representing with assistance along the way. Lawyers and judges are still permitted to contact that person even if they make false claims to generate abusive documents to try to stop paying their debt owed to me. This is the law. Ref: http://www.garih.ca/

Use my email address to contact me and donate to assist a brother today and get it all back plus $20 for your effort in good faith for abused men.

------- Original request for help -------

The following real life experience was BANNED FROM FACEBOOK by Lisa-Marie Ouellet ("Sunsetpinky"), Calgary Alberta Canada, because she is a feminazi with an agenda to DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE'S RELATIONSHIPS. She has an admitted multiple personality disorder and uses that as her excuse to 'swat' men. (Look up being 'swatted' on video).

She is a public artist who uses the internet to broadcast her mental state and intent therefor reportable to the public.

Here's the 'banned' truth (uncensored, as it happened) from the now deleted FB page:

Date: September 13th 2015. About 3:30 AM

Purple Crow: The level of BETRAYAL is EXTREME! Selfish beyond belief! Thousands of dollars wasted on a girl (my now un-named 'ex' 'Jody' for temporary legal reasons). Risking my life for nothing. Going into debt for nothing. All those fake words that meant nothing when actions show more evidence for concern for people she's never even met once before after two years with me every day of our lives. All those fake moments taken away from me, rendered completely meaningless. The lies about actions and past claims. More time spent 'chatting with friends' using a MACHINE than spent with me, a real being, right nearby. I know of no other man who would have tolerated such careless lack of interest and empty words.

I was first thought of as the President of an amazing company and a brilliant writer, that's why she sought me out among all others and begged to be my 'submissive'... at least that's what she claimed at first. Now that I'm poor and unable to get past the fascist banks who have blockaded my corporation (because it's pro-alternative fuel, anti-oil anti-tar sands, etc), and that no matter how positive I am under such incredible pressure, even with PTSD, Social Anxiety, and mild OCD, it's not good enough to stay with me, "the most consistent and honest person she's ever met" ... rather I am to be completely abandoned and betrayed by this female for her to go meet a chat buddy (a 'furry') from the internet in another city and Province who told me that if I didn't approve of her wanting to take my girl away from me, that I was a 'horrible man' for stopping their 'private interests'. This HOME WRECKER, Lisa-Marie Ouellet (FULL DATA ON FILE FOR THE ASKING IN PRIVATE), telling me how to live my life and private relationship... and my girl... FORMER girl now... falling for that head game from a claimed 'submissive' (Lisa-Marie).

Trust? It was already bottomed out... but now - there's NOTHING LEFT for ANYONE. Who can trust people who make you personalized cards by hand and talk about how "AMAZING" you are... when all they care about is their outside interests for total strangers they've NEVER MET BEFORE? Her 'reasoning' to me all night as she's already got the stupid bus ticket and packed what little she owns is "I don't know". Her email to me from the other room (YES SHE DID A 'TEXT MESSAGE BREAK UP' IN THE SAME HOME WITH ME AFTER TWO YEARS TOGETHER) is all over the map of uncertainty and confusion. I risk my LIFE for her and she's 'uncertain' about where her home is? I pay her rent and bills for 2 long expensive years and there's not enough evidence that she's here with me? Playing video games with Lisa-Marie and others is 'more important right now' than... EVERYTHING I'VE DONE FOR TWO YEARS FOR HER?! All the food I bought and cooked and everything else on top of all this is not good enough for her? She needs a stranger's fetish to be fulfilled and to leave me BROKE and in DEBT by $12,300 dollars and she does this through a f*ing TEXT MESSAGE BREAK UP FROM THE OTHER ROOM ON LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE?!?!

Yeah, don't talk to me about art from 'Jody' unless you want to take a HUGE RISK with your karma... SERIOUSLY. It was all a LIE! No one 'real' would ever do this to anyone after all they've done for them. They are not right mentally to WILLINGLY abandon someone after two years of SUPPORT ON ALL LEVELS as witnessed by people both inside and outside my home!!! My trust is GONE. Everyone LIES. Don't tell me otherwise! Only liars disagree with facts. Seems that A*hole James / Serciena was right about most 'people' today. They cannot ever over-come their genetic nature.

If 'Jody' really is native... native people should be AWARE of her great DISHONOUR to their people for this act of social terrorism against me. If not, they should also be fully aware of her false claims of ties to native people. She will make a HORRIBLE mother one day (unfortunately), never to be trusted by ANY MAN, EVER! She will leave you for the next on-line fantasy person, I guarantee it! People do NOT 'change'. They just get better at LYING to your face.

My room-mate, Rene, WITNESSED her departure and she refused to SIGN a legal document about all the money I spent on her (rent, food, bills, everything). The roomie shall be a legal witness in court if need be for this. If need be, a judge shall enforce the debt as witnesses are plenty in my favor. Two years shared rent at $475. Food for two years at $8 per day minimum. $7000 owed to government due to feeding her while she remained unemployed. Etc.

Men, you have been warned! Trust no one. They care more about their outside fetishes and internet 'buddies' than YOU! And you may never even know for YEARS! The lies are everywhere. It's all just a game they play with your heart and soul. Opportunity ALWAYS 'knocks' and they ALWAYS reconsider. *** EYES WIDE SHUT *** You know the movie! WATCH IT AGAIN, LISTEN to her CONFESSIONS!!!!!! "Support" people like her AT YOUR OWN SELF RISK! Keep her "I don't know why I want to do this" BETRAYAL AWAY FROM ME!!! TWO YEARS OF MY REMAINING LIFE AND DYING HEALTH FOR ***NOTHING*** Total BETRAYAL!

Lucille M. Clarke likes this.

Purple Crow: Now Lisa-Marie has called the POLICE to come HARASS me at my private home at 5:38 AM This is the HOME-WRECKER herself who wants to fuck my mate... and they've never even met before.

Purple Crow: Lisa-Marie, This harassment is being recorded for legal court records and my room-mate is a legal witness as well as everyone else in town who knows me personally (face to face, real life). You are being blocked and may be cross examined for your actions as a HOME WRECKER!!!

Purple Crow: Assistance from friends welcome. John Novak Renι Clarke KimMarie Novak Sandra McDonald Linda Wilburn Pollaro Bridget Smith Michal Popielewski Fae Starchild Huxtable Those Things Mary Jensen McVicker Alexandra Bruce Quint Hightfox Hill Susanne Gilby Nancy Jean Williams Michael Edward Morse Yvonne Fried Larry Mintz

Larry Mintz: What would you like me to do?

Purple Crow: Whatever you think is best to deal with my attacker and HOME-WRECKER who "SWATTED" me at 5 AM this morning because she's stealing my partner from me and is a lying selfish asshole (typical human being basically and we all know it and are sick and tired of this shit)

Purple Crow: And whatever you want to say to 'Jody' I'd never see anyway - both blocked to me. Tell her how STUPID and SELFISH she's being and the BETRAYAL after all I've done for her in real life, in my home, and to run off for a FANTASY date with a 'furry'.... whatever. She owes me thousands of dollars in unpaid expenses to me. I shared totals already in OP.

Larry Mintz: Take her to small claims court and sue her ass off.

Purple Crow: Writing legal documents now in hopes to settle today out of court. $12,293 in unpaid bills which I covered so far.

KimMarie Novak: Sounds like you need to forget she was ever a lover and think of her more like a thief. You may be able to sue, but what can you squeeze out of an old rotten turnip? (Was that a real quote?!) Were you a target for her? Was her sole purpose in your life to distract you?

Purple Crow: Spending years building someone up just to smash them down when they are on legal disability goes beyond 'abuse' of a PWD.

Sandra McDonald: I'm shocked someone called the police!! I would document everything and sue in small claims court.

Purple Crow: Working on that - it's Sunday. I have Legal Aid, Human Rights Tribunal, and Small Claims Court on my side and what Lisa-Marie needs to realize is that she and her ex could even be called into witness by law, and that's public record. Cross examination is the focus.

Purple Crow: Legal Aid marriage lawyers do not take to kindly to home-wreckers, let alone those who admit to multiple personalities - and doctors records will be presented for reliability of characters, 'Jody' included if she made anything up.

Purple Crow: Are you getting all this, constable from Alberta, Mr 'swat' who's obeying the false claims of an admitted female mental patient with multiple personalities (who are aggressive)? Let a JUDGE handle this rather than going around jumping to conclusions based on false claims (TWICE). She left, and I MADE SURE the VPD heard me say it THREE TIMES to both who were present. I even quoted the Human Rights Charter to them both which is also POSTED ON MY FRONT DOOR. Did they tell you that? I wonder.

Purple Crow: Karma isn't just a prayer... Isn't it amazing what people will do to a Pagan still today even after having been witness to their abilities? ...Karma's also returnable to sender for a 'refund'.

Purple Crow: Full data on file for legal purposes after be 'SWATTED' by her at 5 AM this morning because she didn't hear from 'her girl' (my sudden ex GF) for an hour or so as we talked.

Lisa-Marie Ouellet
Calgary AB Canada

Social Media:
Skype: Sunsetpinky

(Plus the rest on file - friends all have a copy)

KimMarie Novak: "Swatted"? Is that the female version of a slap or punch?

Purple Crow: Look up youtube videos of gamers being 'swatted' while live streaming.

Purple Crow: I'd love to hear 'Jody's' mother's side of what she was like growing up, and 'Jody's' ex she went on about how immature and horrible of a man she said he was... considering her massive dishonour to me and my family last night and today. What do her 'formers' have to say about her that might help me through her selfish imposed Hell into my once peaceful life.

Purple Crow: You can give someone your WHOLE life... every part of you, freely, real life, face to face... and they still prefer the digital on-line fantasy with strangers! Humanity is fucked! The planet is proof it's all true. Their constant dishonour is totally inescapable - just open yourself up for a moment and they'll rape your soul... what's left of it, feeding like the fucked up demons that they are. Additional: This is what 'furries' are like, generally. Ask anyone who's not into it.

Purple Crow: FS said to me "And the worst part is -- soaking in this corrosive shit all one's life has an impact of the Self. Like, I'm utterly NUMBED! I keep looking online and offline, but really there's almost no one. I have resigned myself that I'm looking for fish in a sea of raw sewage, and that anything I would actually find would be so twisted by a lifetime in this toxic sludge that it would be better to be alone! It's hard to hold myself to my own honorable ideals; I'm partly not seeking my full potential because I don't want to inadvertently advertise a healthy Self as a treat to these demons in the process. It's enough to make a person want to go nuts, carve a Glasgow Smile into their own face, and ask random people, "You wanna know how I got these scars?", before (censored, but it's intense)." Additional: HIS words are NOT my words. You got that straight?

Purple Crow: Police here again HARASSING me through the multiple personality known as Lisa-Marie Ouellet that has now extracted my ex GF from my home WITH MY BLESSING as expressed to their faces. This is on legal record now by Vancouver police. So to the cop in Calgary who's reading this, no one is a 'prisoner' in my home, but you are not fully investigating the mental patient passive-aggressive women and her baby who's in danger of abuse from Maria due to her admitted multiple personalities which 'Jody' admitted "Maria" has. Additional: Which is why her ex BF left her - DANGEROUS.

Purple Crow: 'Jody' agreed to pay her debt owed to me $12,300 (about, see above) but is gone now and obviously can't sign any legal agreements with my witness present (Rene) so I am talking to friends about lawyers to write this up and keep in contact with 'Jody' about repayment plans and financial tracking.

Purple Crow: This is why LEGALLY Lisa-Marie is a home wrecker: "I was completely abandoned and betrayed today by 'Jody' for her to go meet a chat buddy (furry) from the internet in another city and Province who told me that if I didn't approve of her wanting to take my girl away from me, that I was a 'horrible man' for stopping their 'private interests'." So it's 'normal' for strangers to have their way with your wives and husbands these days? And to have any sense of FIDELITY is now a 'suspect behavior'? I hope a judge reads this and explains what FIDELITY and HONOUR is to everyone who's confused by this LOGICAL and LEGALLY RATIONAL behavior in a common-law relationship of two years. This same ATTACKER and HOME WRECKER 'SWATTED' my private home TWICE today! This is how safe it is to know anyone who has internet access anymore. This is what could happen to YOU next one day by some random individual. Ponder, humanity.

--- Important update on Sept 18 2015 ---

Additional important evidence:

'Jody' lists 'her beloved' as Lisa-Marie Ouellet "Sunsetpinky" on Deviant Art website.
WITNESED: http://arborath.deviantart.com/
Scroll down to where it says "MY BELOVED" and click that link and see WHO it leads to.
It leads here: http://sunsetpinky.deviantart.com/
'Jody' (a PUBLIC artist). Her 'beloved' is Lisa-Marie Ouellet "sunsetpinky".
SWAT event ref file: http://1111webdesign.com/2w1f/lisamarieouellet.html (this page)
DO NOT CONTACT 'Jody' here or anywhere else: https://www.facebook.com/nisoyihkasow & here http://arborath.wix.com/red-devils-lair - Too bad she's such a good artist but so full of betrayal and dishonour. Seems to be a 'furry' thing with young people today.

Above photo created by Jody while she was 'dating' Lisa-Marie behind my back.

So... those who claim to me that 'she's coming back to you', 'because no one's that stupid', 'I have a vision' are not doing your research very well and need to take it all in, not just selective bits. Now, if she were to try to come back to me, guess what LMO, the SWATTING psycho would do the rest of her stalking days to ruin our lives again like before (above)? Take a wild guess what that would be like for me. What do you think I would have to chose for the sake of self-preservation against such LIES and BETRAYAL of a natural FAMILY BOND, especially from a self-proclaimed native girl who says she holds herself above others because she has more honour than most 'humans' out there.

Now you can suggest that maybe she did that before she was suddenly whisked away from me by LMO's seductive feminist interference and family marriage assault (see above SWAT raid attacks against my wife and I) and has since not been able to edit her Deviant Art page, however, it was clearly, at the very least, established before her spontaneous or orchestrated departure from our marriage without warning or seeking counseling of any kind. She remains a RUNAWAY, a BETRAYER and has NO HONOUR, whatever she did or does. There is more proof for you to see what was and probably still is happening and who knows what will happen in the future. All I know for sure is that this is THE TRUTH and the truth stands as a public record for these two to deal with as a result of their attacks against me and in defense and support of all men who have no choice or free will left to properly deal with violent police raids if they ever should voice a disagreement with feminist fantasy ideology and their lesbian THIEVES of married wives.

Search results while seeking asnwers / Calgary Alberta 'Nanny' and 'Pet sitter' services:

See all previous and following data before you judge anything or contact me.

Note the lack of honour and global reputation of feminists and all their 'supporters'. Men are free to contact me for further organizational efforts provided they have similar independent evidence from their own direct experiences.

--- End of update ---

Purple Crow: Regarding single mothers in this thread... Some scientific facts on public record:

85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in fatherless homes (Source: Fulton Co Georgia jail populations Texas Dept of Cor 1992).
71% of all high school dropouts come single mother households (Source: National Principals Association Report State of High School).
85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from single mother households (Source: Center for Disease Control).
90% of all homeless and runaway youth come from single mother households (Source: U.S. D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census).

Feminist Myths Destroyed by Karen Straughan (Canadian) - Louder With Crowder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee_ESpTudus

Purple Crow: More facts and evidence that I'm not the only man being attacked in this way these days...

Hitler was inspired by 2 WOMEN to start WW2. Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood 1922) & Helena Blavatsky New Age Order movement.

This is where Feminism will lead if not tempered by male honour and men being involved in the rearing of healthy children.

Men are taking their power back from toxic human females: http://www.infowars.com/neomasculinity-the-male-backlash-against-toxic-women/
#ToxicWomen #ToxicFemales
Video title: "Neomasculinity: The Male Backlash Against Toxic Women"

Thunderfoot is a great source on exposing the absolutely insane irrational behavior of these types of selfish greedy confused underproductive homewreckers.

The hope:

As Canadian Senator Anne Cools has noted, "There is something very wrong going on in this country and there are many issues that are needing attention and there are certain issues that are needing correction. Let us look at them because I tell you, the hundreds and thousands of people whose lives are being destroyed daily is so obvious that I do not understand how it does not just hit everyone." Ref: "Canadian Senator Anne Cools’ ongoing battle against gender feminism." Ref: http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/feminist-governance-feminism/canadian-senator-anne-cools-ongoing-battle-against-gender-feminism/

The probability:

Message to the Voting Cattle - by Larken Rose

AKA: Message to Lisa-Marie O, Jody S, feminists and all those who USE 'the system' to GET THEIR WAY like the SELFISH HYPOCRITICAL COWARDS that you are, the very same system that will destroy you one way or another, probably sooner rather than later, like the sheeple & fools that you are.


"You close your eyes and RUN AWAY because you don't want to be free, so you cling tightly to a corrupt government as your false protector that will ultimately destroy you. Some of us are FINISHED with trying to save you. You, you nation of sheep, would rather die than see the truth."

Meanwhile the truth is always the truth as witnessed by MANY who defend me, and you still have to live with yourselves knowing you are nothing more than liars and abusers of a hypocritical system that lies and abuses as much as you do, and this is a point that can and probably will be proven to you shortly. You two sure know how to start your 'relationship' on the right grounds of honesty and self and mutual respect.

The permanent damage:

People who murder or abandon love for selfish reasons are the lowest of all. I am broken. The damage is permanent.

Jody, I did EVERYTHING for you, and everyone knows this! I can't believe you'd be so cruel to vanish suddenly and abandon EVERYTHING knowing what it'd do to me! I just want things back the way they were before September 13th... only you'd answer my questions HONESTLY and GET HELP instead of plotting horrors behind my back.

Gary Numan - "Not the love we dream of"

Sometimes things don't work out the way you plan
Sometimes words don't say the thing you mean
Sometimes you can't explain the way you feel
Sometimes when we smile we tell the same lie

With a whisper everything you know is torn away your life just stops
With a whisper everything you are just falls apart and dies
And all those things that you meant to change are thoughts lost on the way
To this
And all those stories you never said are words lost on the wind
Could you ever wonder about me and
Did you ever wish that I was still there?
Did you ever call my name by mistake?
Did you ever cry yourself to sleep?
Slowly slowly we lose the love that binds us
Slowly slowly we lose the care that hold us
Slowly slowly we lose time that shares us
Slowly slowly we lose the heart to save us

Sometimes things are not the way they seem
Sometimes friends are not the friends they seem
Sometimes time is not the cure it seems
Sometimes love is not the love we dream of

The Court of Queen's Bench Calgary Alberta now has copies of all pertinent documents regarding false claims against me including defense witness testimony by Rene Clarke and past emails and chats where assorted negative (self harm and intent to harm others) admissions are made by LMO and JS. The courts were also told that Calgary Police have this same data for their permanent records as well and have my blessing to obtain all ISP data for the last 2 years regarding Jody, Lisa and myself from my ISP for verification. No one can stand up to the truth when they are a negative being with something to hide or an evil personal agenda. Good luck spinning more lies now, girls.

Other reports about real life 'furries':
William Graham Spuug - Hoarder and biohazard
Michy Broede and Colton "Brayko" - Theft at $600 and child sex play.

Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Lisa-Marie Ouellet Jody Stibbs Nanny Petsitter Nanny Petsitter Nanny Pet sittter Pet sitter