Kevin Priegnitz 'Thunderfoot' (The bigot bike dude in Vancouver) - Bad hypocrite neighbours.

No personal doxxing on this page (address, phone) - Nothing stated here is untrue and all is provable in court.

Audio evidence:

Use proper accurate headphones for a realistic representation of life in our private home with hypocrite Kevin Thunderfoot right above us.

When asked by the lower tenants, the land lord and their representative, Kevin refused to add carpeting or padding to his upper floor suite because he's getting "custom furniture created and installed and any carpeting would clash with his plans". What an asshole! This is how Kevin treats People With Disability on very limited income while he enjoys full time employment and could live anywhere in this city, such as a private concrete apartment all to himself!

Sound file name: 1 - Kevin - Thumping about over my bedroom every night at 12 midnight and 6 AM - Thunderfoot - Feb 23 2018.mp3

Sound file name: 2 - Kevin - How 'loud' is Chaotic Resonance when Kevin complains - So quiet - Feb 5 2018.mp3

Sound file name: 3 - Kevin - Music from Kevin's room above Purple and throughout whole house - But I'm too loud - WTF - Feb 11 2018.mp3

Sound file name: 4 - Kevin - Washer and drier running loudly at 11 30 PM at night on Sunday - Feb 11 2018.mp3

Sound file name: 5 - Kevin - Kevin's dogs howling during the day - Feb 22 2018.mp3

Sound file name: 6 - Kevin Priegnitz - Slamming Stuff In Bathroom At 1 AM Again - Nov-21-22 2018.mp3

And how does Johnny Sharma (realtor) 'manage' things? NOT AT ALL! PROOF HERE! Click THIS! You won't believe how DRUNK he is while at 'work'! #Unprofessional


NEW important additional evidence: Kevin STEALS tenants' freezer and damages it in alley then abuses victims! Kevin faces possible criminal charges!

Criminal theft legal damage charges can apply! Keywords: #Jobs #Employment #Rental #Housing #PWD #Lawyer #HumanRights #RTB #Vancouver #Canada #Employment #Medical #Abuse #Priegnitz #Bike #Repair #Craiglist