Green Net Systems Ltd Company in Richmond BC Canada are LIARS who never honour their 'guarantee's - An easy false advertising lawsuit for anyone who wants to sue them.

Green Net products have printed on them "100% satisfaction guarantee" but the company is run by total assholes who talk shit to you over the telephone if you even dare to try to take them up on their claimed word of honour.

Here's all the proof you need (see above photo). And their toner is total crap! No matter what you do the colours will be all wrong and they'll claim it's all your fault and you'll NEVER get your money back - at best they'll offer you more of their SHITTY PRODUCT, which leads to an infinite loop of a total waste of your time and life.

DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY AT THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER! And NEVER buy second rate cheap Chinese toner for ANY reason what so ever. The great dishonour by them is the only 'guarantee' you can count of 100% of the time!