Fresh Headies Bubble Bags - PWD (medical disability) employee standards IMPROVED by Purple Crow

As part of their out of court settlement, the staff (Stu Royan, Rachel Proulx, Angie Holubowich, etc) and owner (Marcus Gary Richardson, AKA: "Bubbleman") of Fresh Headies Bubble Bags have agreed to post the following update on the front page of their website as a permanent link starting in June of this year, 2015. It will read as follows:

"In cooperation with Purple Crow, we have increased our vigilance in accommodating people with disabilities, celebrating their strengths and differences. Click here to see our anti-discimination policy."

If at any time you do not see this detail present on their Fresh Headies website, please take a screen shot and send the proof to the email address at the end of this page. Also please call them and ask where this specific detail is after you have mailed your screen shot and details to us. Thanks kindly for helping to co-create a better world for everyone.

Contact Mr Crow at
www.freshheadies.com | Their other website: www.bubblebag.com