FaceBook renders man's real life legal name 'illegal' AGAIN!

First report (2nd time he's had to do this): [The second report is at the end of this page under the photo evidence in defense of Mr Crow]

His name from his Birth Certificate, Professional Driver's License and International Passport is Purple Crow, but after a year of having to constantly resubmit this globally recognized legal identification to FaceBook they refuse to give him his own accounts back.

All he gets now whenever he make an attempt to do so is:

"Your Name Wasn’t Approved. It looks like that name violates our name standards."

FaceBook has yet to explain their reasons for these ongoing attacks on Purple Crow.

If you wish to defend Mr Crow in any way, please contact:

Update: If you ever want to get anything resolved, just create a 100% permanent independent legal page like this. That's how I got my account back. This page will remain as a permanent historical record of how FaceBook mismanages this situation, because it's the truth, and speaking truth is not against the law, and even if it was, I'd still do it, as should you about your own personal lives when you're under attack. This page will be in every search engine on the planet for the rest of time, where ever its hosted.

SECOND report (3rd attack from FaceBook against Mr Purple Crow)

Reply e-mail sent to FaceBook staff on Dec 10th 2014:

"For the THIRD TIME in less than a year I have provided you with PHOTO ID, three of them, PLUS my birth certificate! My REAL LIFE NAME IS Purple Crow. Call me if you're really this paranoid and unable to keep track of such simple things, CIA sp00ks. Seriously. There's no excuse for your treatment of me other than direct harassment and so I've been reporting all these incidents to the world free of your assorted digital systems and through direct face to face communications as well. I only want THE TRUTH to be KNOWN to ALL. You're not against the truth, are you? Seems like you are based on ALL EVIDENCE thus far. At least that's what the PUBLIC has witnessed."

Here's the most recent suspect 'reporter' who claims my real life name is 'not real'. Michael is a proud sexist against men as per his public posts on the subject (misandry) and is a 'furry'.

This is how most furries actually live:

UPDATE: (12/11/2014)

I was JUST given 'permission' from the FaceCrack overlords to access my own LEGAL NAME on my own page once again (here). Isn't that so KIND of them? THREE ATTACKS from FB staff in less than one year! 45,000 Tweets from #Anonymous backing me up off site, plus THIS web page independent of all 'services'. Thank-you, all. STAY TUNED for any further updates.