A-Star Art Parlour employment standards abuse - Vancouver Canada.

Angela Espley, the owner and manager of A-Star Art Parlour in Vancouver BC, has horrible employment standards for her staff who are comprised mostly of teenagers still in school.

A-Star Art Parlour hosts public and private events featuring face painting and balloon animal creations. Their primary audience consists of children.

Jody Stibbs, known as "Skie", a very talented local professional artist in her 20's, was employed for 9 months with A-Star and was not told she was 'fired' for being unable to work while sick.

Understandably, Jody Stibbs felt that being extremely ill while being forced to work with children at public events was unhealthy and wrong - Angela Espley felt differently and called Jody's partner up and ranted at him over the telephone for 3 minutes before he could even say 'hello'. Purple Crow refused to accept her attack on him and told her that he supported Jody's right to have sick days like every other employee working anywhere else in Canada, especially considering Jody's rank within the company and how well liked she is, not just by other working employees, but by every client she designs her creations for. Jody's primary concern was the threat of being forced by A-Star to work while very sick around children and their parents. The health and safety of children, not just her own physical health should have been far more important to the company. Angela Espley then hung up on Mr Crow and sent him email stating "I've never been spoken to like that before in my life!" This author finds these facts irresponsible, childish and even dangerous to the health of thousands and is inspired to take action through public awareness of the facts.

After days without getting the daily schedule typically sent to her by email between midnight and 2 AM she felt she had been fired without a valid legal reason. It was common for Jody to get a schedule which was often incorrect and/or incomplete at 2 AM stating that she had to be at work in another city, far from Vancouver, by 9 AM, rendering her unable to acquire more than 4 hours sleep on many nights just to keep her job. It's surprising that after 9 months she did not get sick sooner - luckily she was only part time, as are all staff at A-Star.

Jody then proceeded to make phone calls and emails to a few different staff members, including Angela's mother, Aaron Silverton, and was ignored by them no matter how many phone calls and emails she sent regarding being ignored and not getting any more schedules in her mailbox - A-star refused to even provide her last cheque until she spent several hours dealing directly with Employment Standards just to get her last cheque and record of employment that was owed to her. In the latest email Angela Espley sent, she claims 'the cheque is in the mail'.

We are seeking justice for these illegal and dangerous actions actions by A-Star Art Parlour / Angela Espley including what we now know is a very real and serious threat to both the children and adult clients of the company as well as seeking relief for ongoing financial, mental and physical stress due to these events which have impacted our lives.

Please contact us with your support and assistance ASAP.


Mr Purple Crow: PurpleCrow (at) Live (dot com)
Ms Jody Stibbs / Skie: Arborath (at) Hotmail (dot com)